How Hot Air Rises

Event Highlights

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A Spectacular Event

Imagine a magnificent hot air balloon, seven-stories tall, undulating gently in the soft breeze while children aged six to sixty-something gasp in astonishment. If you’ve never seen one up close, it’s a sight guaranteed to take your breath way.

Easily the most recognized symbol in real estate, and one of the most instantly recognized corporate logos in the world, the RE/MAX® Hot Air Balloon makes scores of annual appearances across Texas in conjunction with community events, ball games, office openings, balloon festivals, and at schools. The pilot, part skilled aerialist and part entertainer, welcomes the crowd to gather round as he enthusiastically explains the history and mechanics of man’s first successful flying machine.

A Ballooning Tradition

Today, with more than 100 hot air balloons, RE/MAX has the largest balloon fleet in the world. It all began in 1978, when a group of RE/MAX agents in New Mexico were trying to get attention for their fledgling company. They entered a red-over-white balloon in the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, using the “Above the Crowd!®” phrase on their jackets.Their marketing was so successful that the entire company soon adopted the concept, and now the average RE/MAX balloon makes 65 appearances per year in bringing our message of leadership, independence, and superior customer service home to consumers.

Promotional Uses of the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon
  • Sporting events, parades, regional retreats RE/MAX Celebrations
  • Recruiting events, music/art festivals
  • Concerts, major balloon events
  • Fairs, festivals and exhibitions
  • Charity fund-raisers and promotions

The RE/MAX Hot-Air Balloon is available on a reserve-basis to visit your town, bringing smiles and cheers to your friends, neighbors, and customers. Balloon appearances should generally be scheduled for morning or evening hours, when winds are calm, in a large, open space (150′ X 150′) free of overhead obstacles and power lines.

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